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The idea for an Environmental Radio results from the increasing number of reports of environmental catastrophes. As many such catastrophes occur at night and those living in the affected areas are unable to be immediately informed, this is the ideal solution - it is able to alert and inform people at night. Of course, the system works in the day, too, even alerting those not currently listening to radio.

In order not to startle all a station’s listeners when the environmental incident in question only affects a specific locality, additional local codes can be transmitted by the radio station.

How it works: As well as receiving normal radio transmissions, the Environmental Radio is able to receive coded warnings from the radio station even when switched off. The Environmental Radio is activated as soon as the coded message is received, even at night and during rest times. A loud alarm tone sufficient to wake sleepers is emitted from the speaker for a few seconds. The emergency message from the radio station can then be heard. Batteries ensure no loss of function even in event of power failure.

The Environmental Radio can be used to provide information on

  • emergency services/disaster procedures, civil defence, nuclear accidents, discovery of unexploded munitions
  • meteorological events (e.g. hurricanes, avalanches, floods)
  • geological events

Procedure, using the example of earthquake, volcanic eruption or chemical accident:

the relevant body (e.g. fire brigade, geological research centre) discovers that an earthquake is imminent or that a fire is producing toxic fumes. This body alerts the regional radio stations. The coded signal ‘alerts’ the environmental radios so that the inhabitants of houses/flats are able to receive the subsequently broadcast emergency message and act upon it.

Regional use: A code system has been developed for use with the Environmental Radio. This is inexpensive and reliable in transmission both for the radio stations as well as for the receivers. The low costs of this solution mean it can be used in the most remote regions of Europe as well as in Germany, and particularly in countries of the third world.


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